Nerve/Referred Pain

Pain in the knee can also be as a result of referred pain from the spine or the hip joint. Pain referred from the lower back (lumbar spine) can refer into the knee or as far as the foot. It may also be associated with tingling and numbness in the limb and sometimes a feeling of weakness.

The hip joint also commonly refers into the knee. The hip joint will often give pain in the groin which radiates down the front of the thigh into the knee. However it can cause knee pain only. You may find that the hip is stiff  and you have difficulty fully bending it, putting on your shoes and socks and getting in and out of the car or bath.

If you feel your knee pain may be as a result of referred pain see your GP for further assessment and advice. If you would like more information to help you manage your pain please click on the section “Learn more about pain”.